Meet Matt

He is an admiring son, a proud brother, an appreciative friend, a closet cat person.

He’s a seasoned world traveler, poet, and philosopher. All of these things exist entirely in his head. He can ramble for hours about memory and identity and reflection and Proust. He keeps a daily e-journal (1,261,512 words and counting) and believes in few things more strongly than that you should too.

He’s been accused of thinking too much, feeling too little, and rationalizing everything. He denies that any of these things are true, ever.

In America he is a dedicated scavenger of all things free, snobby consumer of free-range meat, and frequent visitor to the Sierra Nevada backcountry. In Zambia he is a dedicated scavenger of all things that can still be eaten three days later, snobby consumer of chitenges and fake soccer jerseys, and frequent visitor to his pit latrine.

His other blog is a Taylor Swift fanpage featuring original guitar tablature. It has received eight times as many views as this one.

IMG_2600Do you really fish in Zambia?

Although I love fishing, I’m not doing much actual catching of fish while living and working in Zambia as a Peace Corps volunteer. Rather, I wanted to evoke the more figurative meaning of “fishing” when I decided to title my blog Fishing in Zambia — a search, a quest, a journey of discovery and exploration.

This blog serves as a medium for my pictures, thoughts, complaints, reflections, and ideas. More importantly, it chronicles some of my personal growth and stands witness to the pitfalls, hardships, and embarrassing bowel movements which are building my character.

The contents of this blog are mine personally and do not reflect any position of the U.S. government or the Peace Corps.

Thanks for stopping by!


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