ZamTwitter, Month 19

Random news from my nineteenth month of Peace Corps service, in 140 characters or less.

November 11 – Big crowd at school today to watch President Sata’s funeral on TV. Irony: the only time the kids are all present is when there’s no class.

November 13 – In a decade filled with not-exactly-erudite Google searches, this one might be the most embarrassing: “Which book comes after Twilight?”

November 15 – I haven’t eaten a fresh non-onion vegetable in a week. What’s the word for that? Scurvy? Come on rainy season, grow some plants.

November 17 – Visited Sebastian’s other house today. The best part of having a host with two wives is that they compete to see whose cooking I like best.

November 20 – First all-day rains of the season. Collected 50 liters of water and now my roof is leaking. Rain is great until suddenly it’s annoying.

November 24 – Heading down to Mansa for my last Provs. 35 volunteers, 16 beds, intermittent running water, and a Thanksgiving dinner with a Zambian twist.

November 27 – What I’m thankful for:
-Sweat that dries
-Bug bites that heal
-Parched fish ponds that fill with rainwater
-A world that abounds with hope

November 28 – Look up exasperation in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of your bus breaking down just two kilometers from your house.

December 2 – Third straight day the rains have kept me stuck inside my house. Gives me a whole new understanding of cabin hut fever.

December 5 – I have whatever is the opposite of a green thumb: only two of the 25 moringa seeds I planted germinated. At least two is better than none.

December 8 – If you ever thought you’d seen disgusting before, try stepping inside a boy’s dormitory at a rural Zambian boarding high school. Oh, my.


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