Zampop, n.

Zampop, zam-pahp. n. The most popular genre of music in Zambia, narrowly beating out Celine Dion, Dolly Parton, and church hymns. Zampop consists primarily of autotuned melodies sung by male recording artists laid over synthetic hip-hop/R&B beats, resulting in tracks which sound so much like Akon that Akon himself wouldn’t be able to be certain that they weren’t his own. Related etymology: K-pop, J-pop. Similar musical sounds: Jason Derulo, older Usher. Percentage of time blasted through tinny speakers on long bus rides: all of it.

Zambian Colloquial Dictionary (ZCD), 2014.

Dancing at a wedding to...Zampop

Dancing at a traditional Zambian wedding to…Akon


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