Things that I miss

I’m annoying endearing among my group of Peace Corps volunteer friends for asserting that I rarely miss people or things in America. Most of the time this is true. Sometimes it’s a big fat lie.

In no particular order, here are some things that I miss living here in Zambia (all images shamelessly lifted off the interwebs unless otherwise noted):

1. Watching viral videos on Youtube


2. Microwaves


3. Listening to baseball games on muggy summer evenings


4. Pad Thai


5. Refrigerators


6. Leftover Pad Thai stored in the fridge overnight and reheated in the microwave the next day


7. The sound of trout rising in an alpine lake

One of my favorite off-trail lakes in the High Sierra

8. People-watching at coffee shops


9. Browsing eBay for vintage fly fishing reels


A nice little L.W. Holmes Perfect Copy in my collection

10. Sundresses


11. Shoes that stay clean for more than five minutes

Possibly the sharpest pair of wingtips I've ever owned -- pity they  didn't fit right

Possibly the sharpest pair of wingtips I’ve ever owned; pity they didn’t fit right


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