ZamTwitter, Month 15

Random news from my fifteenth month of Peace Corps service, in 140 characters or less.

July 10 – Killed two mosquitoes while in bed tonight. Am way too proud of myself. Floor, meet Matt’s new standards for achievement.

July 12 – While in the market today, a drunk guy who had been pestering me suddenly darted forward and kissed me. On the lips. Not my finest hour.

July 13 – Stopped in Kashikishi to buy cisense, tiny fish caught by the thousands daily in Lake Mweru, and got mobbed by feisty fish sellers.


July 15 – Accompanying Ba Cleopher, my boss and the head of RAP, on site visits is giving me ideas for more home improvements I can do in my house.

July 17 – Hobbes is back after a month away and promptly had kittens in my closet. Calvin is not pleased that my attention is no longer fully on him.

July 19 – I’m cleaning house and renovating. Built three new shelves, swept out ten pounds of dust, and made a tiny rock garden.


July 22 – Just saw a spider big enough to make a tarantula jump and shriek. I have never been more glad for the mosquito net I sleep under each night.

July 25 – Kiva’s persistent email reminder campaign pays off. Just reloaned credit that’s been in my account for a year to a cattle farmer in Uganda.

July 27 – My parents are officially in Zambia. Mom’s already taken a hundred pictures, and Dad’s already spent too much on fish-themed wood carvings.


July 29 – Mom’s a big hit with the kids in my village. They’re playing card games, having photoshoots, and are fascinated with her skin.

July 31 – Emi’s hanging out with us in Nshinda and is doing a fabulous job of taking pictures, answering questions, and corralling incorrigible kids.


August 2 – We’re in Chobe National Park in Botswana and lions were just spotted outside our camp. The guides’ advice: zip up your tents all the way.

August 3 – Visiting Victoria Falls for the first time. Had to grab a picture with the parents.


August 6 – The crack in the floor of my latrine is getting larger. Sebastian assures me it’s no problem, but he’s not the one who has to squat over it.

August 9 – I’ve spent thirty hours in the last five days riding in buses. I’m pretty sure my rear end is permanently molded in the shape of a seat.


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