ZamTwitter, Month 14

Random news from my fourteenth month of Peace Corps service, in 140 characters or less.

June 11 – Hitching out from the Peace Corps Provincial meetings. When we reach Chris’s site, a flock of children magically appears to carry our bags.


June 13 – Attending a friend’s village wedding. Biggest difference: in America, weddings are for the bride; here, they’re for everyone else.

June 15 – Have a massive headache. Laying in bed but can’t fall asleep. Just another day as a Peace Corps volunteer.

June 19 – Swerved to avoid running over a chameleon this morning. How does a creature that moves so slowly manage to thwart natural selection??

June 21 – Stumbled across a village brewery today and learned how to distill alcohol. They thought it was hilarious when I declined to try it.


June 25 – Had a rough morning so I decided to go for a walk. Greeted farmers, teased women, bantered with kids, and returned home feeling at peace.

June 26 – I’ve been giving boys plastic bags in exchange for sweeping my yard. Just found out they’re trading them for condoms…to make footballs.

June 28 – Hobbes is AWOL but one of her former kittens has returned to replace her. He’s just as much of a diva — I’m calling him Calvin, obviously.

July 1 – Emi’s visiting Nshinda after being out of the district for over a month. We made spring rolls to commemorate our Asian-ness.


July 2 – Chatted with a small boy for 15 minutes. The entire conversation consisted of him asking, a bit optimistically, for everything in my house.

July 4 – Spent my 4th of July helping Sebastian net four ponds and harvest 600 fish. Just like my summers back home.

July 5 – Almost hit a snake with my bike. Scary: it was bright yellow and black, probably poisonous. Not so scary: it was about 12 inches long.

July 7 – Holiday weekend bike adventure: 104 km, 65 lbs of gear, way too much junk food, and a waterfall for swimming, bathing, and laundry.


July 9 – Spent 6 hours inspecting ponds with World Vision. Main conversation topics: the Germany-Brazil World Cup blowout and Sebastian’s two wives.


2 thoughts on “ZamTwitter, Month 14

  1. Hi Matt–

    I am seeing your mom and dad next week and wanted them to bring you a care package from us when they viist you next month. What would you like to have (candy, chocolate, hidden valley ranch mix, schirracha, taco seasoning, soy sauce, mac and cheese, bisquik, top ramen, garlic, pancake syrup, nail clipper, AAA batteries, or?)

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