ZamTwitter, Month 12

Random news from my twelfth month of Peace Corps service, in 140 characters or less.

April 11 – Biked 104 kilometers in 5.5 hours today as a conditioning run for a bike trip to Mansa in June. Rear is sore, but legs are still attached.


Turning my living room temporarily into a bike maintenance shop

April 12 – Just got handed a Jehovah’s Witness flyer by two dudes in shirts and ties outside my house. Some things are exactly the same as in America.

April 14 – After waiting two hours for a hitch, we flag down a truck driven by Chinese guys. It rolls past, then stops. They spotted the Asian! Score.

April 16 – Lake Tanganyika is the 2nd deepest lake in the world, renowned for its unique fishery. So of course we’ve spent the past two days shopping.


Emily saw this baby's shirt while we were in the market and insisted that I take a picture -- the baby wasn't quite as excited

April 19 – On a bus from Kasama to Serenje watching The Gods Must Be Crazy 2. I’m in sub-Saharan Africa, watching a movie set in sub-Saharan Africa.

April 21 – At the prov house in Mansa. I haven’t moved from my chair and laptop on the back porch in 14 hours. Technology is vastly underrated.

April 25 – Avocado ranch cheddarburgers with feta and sauteed mushrooms, and shoestring garlic fries on the side. Best dinner I’ve had in months.


No picture of the burgers (scarfed them too quickly) but here's some fried rice! (we cook on braziers when the power goes out)

April 28 – Helping to post the newest volunteers in PC Zambia to their sites this week. Shopping has never been such a gloriously chaotic fiasco.

April 30 – Back up to site. The kids instantly flock to my house and demand that I give them bread. I don’t have any bread. Nice to see you guys, too.

May 1 – Sebastian is making great progress on his new pond. Part of the loan agreement is that he has to use women as pond diggers along with men.


This photo is shamelessly posed -- two minutes earlier all of these women were resting in the shade

May 3 – Down to Mansa again en route to Lusaka for Midterm Conference. Busying myself writing blog posts, proofing resumes, and making fried rice.

May 4 – Another showing of TGMBC 2 on a crowded bus. Note to self: Kalahari bushmen appear just as novel to Zambians as they are to Americans.

May 7 – Today I’ve consumed 2 meat pies, coffee, 8 cookies, 2 shawarmas, more coffee, sweet & sour chicken with extra rice. I’m in Lusaka, alright.

May 9 – Have spent all day in bed with a high fever, along with half my intake. Conspiracy theorists among us blame the flu shots we got this week.


Traveling back up to Luapula after our Midterm Conference


2 thoughts on “ZamTwitter, Month 12

  1. The Gods Must Be Crazy should be required for Peace Corps service. At least the host country is making you watch it on the buses.

    That pond would have cost $10K to build by hand in California. That should make Sebastian happy! Good job, by the way.

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