ZamTwitter, Month 11

Random news from my eleventh month of Peace Corps service, in 140 characters or less.


Checking out a fish farming youth group's ponds during the Second Site Visit I hosted at the beginning of April

March 10 – Celebrated the onset of my late twenties today at the house by doing my taxes, sipping a wine cooler, and watching Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.

March 13 – Am spending my evening sewing up holes in my mosquito net made by curious kittens while I was gone. Another wild Thursday night.

March 16 – Problem: I have no mirror to see my rapidly growing hair. Solution: the last 15 pictures on my phone are selfies. I’m not weird at all.


Finally got a haircut last week. Before...


...And after

March 18 – Had eight different meetings with officials, stopped to chat with three fish farmers, gave short speeches to two classrooms. Busy boma day.

March 19 – I love how the first steady rain we get in a week starts at 8pm. Decision time: stay in bed, or go put buckets out under the tin roof?

March 21 – Biked 36k into the bush today to visit a fish farmer’s ponds. Gorgeous. There’s a lot of Zambia I don’t get to see when I stick to the road.


Ba Mwengele showing off the effect of the recent rains on the path to his village of Mwengele (he's the headman, so he gets naming rights)

March 23 – Helping Sebastian build compost cribs this morning turned into swimming in the ponds, which turned into general laughter at how white I am.

March 25 – Today some kids showed me how to catch and eat big crickets. For some reason, I told them Americans eat butterflies. Cultural exchange fail.

March 27 – Just tried the tea wine I’ve been brewing for three weeks. It’s strong enough for one cup to knock out a medium-sized animal.

March 29 – Sitting with kids on the porch discussing Hobbes’ love life. The village gossip circuit will overload when 6 new white folks arrive Monday.


Mariah and Collin, Luapula's new married couple, and their honarary Nshinda family

March 30 – Spent four hours this morning cutting the grass around my house by hand. Today’s lesson: human lawnmowers get sore backs really quickly.

April 4 – Muzungus are on full display at Matt’s site visit. The kids haven’t seen a whole lot of people making coffee using an Aeropress before.


The look on Chungu's face is one of utter bafflement

April 7 – Our bus is delayed at a checkpoint for an hour because the driver isn’t in uniform, but it’s no problem for 9 guys to cram into a Corolla.

April 9 – I’ve given my last kitten away to Sebastian three times. All three times it escaped and found its way back. We may be doing something wrong.


With a little bit of luck, the kitten might just turn into something like this...creature we saw on the side of a store near Kanadi


5 thoughts on “ZamTwitter, Month 11

    • It’s like a cross between a machete and a scythe, and people cut grass by swinging it back and forth in a side-to-side, pendulum motion. It’s a great workout, but I was obviously not prepared for the strain it put on my arms! And to think I used to complain about my family’s gas-powered push mower when I was a kid.

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