Second site visit

I spent the past week hosting six trainees in the new RAP 2014 intake at my site in Nshinda. We netted ponds, conducted practice language interviews on the shore of Lake Mweru, and chucked Frisbees at with delighted schoolkids. Yesterday, Garrett, Allison, Mariah and Collin, Nicole, and Matt were dropped off on their individual site visits to see their own villages, huts, and communities for the first time. Welcome to Luapula Province, guys!


4 thoughts on “Second site visit

  1. Matt,
    Can’t thank you enough for the great pics of the trainees at your site visit. Garrett’s mom and I have looked at them dozens of times already and shared your blog with about 20 friends and family. It’s good to see he’s just as “into it” there as he was with every adventure here.
    I know hosting a group like that isn’t easy but I hope it came with it’s own set of rewards.
    All the best.
    Andy LeBlanc

    • Hi Andy,

      Great to hear from you! Thanks so much for the kind words, I’m flattered that my blog is getting so much traffic! Garrett is awesome, it was my pleasure to have him and I’m excited that he’ll be my new closest neighbor.

      Hope all is well back home!


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