More about me than you probably ever wanted to know


I asked a couple of the boys who live near me to show me where they fish. Step 1: Bail out the dugout canoe

I write occasionally for Peace Corps Passport, the official Peace Corps blog, and my latest article was just posted a few days ago. Check it out!

Blogging Off The Grid

Since I’ve also been asked to share part of my Peace Corps story a couple of times recently, I thought I’d put those links up here as well. Just in case you, you know, haven’t had enough of my shtick already.

Fishing Across The Decades: A Family Peace Corps Legacy
February 2, 2014

An article in the Northern California Peace Corps Association newsletter about my dad’s and my parallel (kind of) paths to the Peace Corps.

A Glimpse Into The Life Of A Peace Corps Volunteer
February 21, 2014

An interview with the blog International Relations Online about being a Peace Corps volunteer.

Check out the Press page for more shameless self-publicizing of off-site Peace Corps content by or about yours truly.


3 thoughts on “More about me than you probably ever wanted to know

  1. Now I know what you are going to look like in 25 years….I thought that picture of your dad in the Peace Corps was you! I had no idea you two look so much alike.

    • Hi Mel! If several of my female friends can be believed, the fact that I’m going to look like my dad when I get older is a big plus. 🙂

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