ZamTwitter, Month 9

I didn’t post a ZamTwitter update last time around because I spent most of December out of site for Camp GLOW and my home leave in America, but we’re back on with Month 9. Random news from my ninth month of Peace Corps service, in 140 characters or less.

January 10 – It’s 3am in a hostel in Lusaka and I’m wide awake listening to 14 guys snore. That 10-hour bus ride today suddenly looks real relaxing.


I walked around downtown Lusaka at 4am for over an hour before finding the bus station

January 13 – A simple walk to the grocery store becomes an animated conversation with several bamayos about my diet choices. Zambia, I’m back.

January 15: It’s rainy season. Lush green everywhere: good. Mosquitoes: bad. Tall rows of maize blocking views of Matt going to the chim: excellent.

January 16: A big thunderstorm tonight flushed a disgruntled wet cat through my door. She’s been AWOL since Tuesday. Glad to see you again too, Hobbes.

January 19 – Emi comes to visit. My village is instantly buzzing with the latest gossip about Matt’s woman/sister/daughter/wife.


Emi and Hobbes hang out on my porch with Bupe, one of the kids who lives near me

January 20 – Caught a 4-hour window of sunlight today. Laundry: done. Solar panel: charged. Doormat: dried. Two can play this game, rainy season.

January 23 – Went on a bike ride today and bought 3 huge avocados, 6 tomatoes, and 3 small onions for a total of $1. Local AND cheap produce? Yes please.

January 24 – Ten minutes of work, some plastic and twine, and a steady drizzle all day netted me 15 liters of water. Kind of absurdly proud of myself.

January 27 – Boma day. Chatted with some district Fisheries folks, grabbed lunch with Emi, shopped for groceries, and picked up a new chitenge.

January 29 – Found out about a fish farming workshop 2 days ago. Found out 15 minutes ago that I’m co-facilitating. I’m incredibly well-prepared.

Facilitating a session on pond management at a World Vision fish farming workshop at Mangamu School, Nchelenge District, on January 30, 2014

Facilitating a session on pond management at a World Vision fish farming workshop at Mangamu School, Nchelenge District, on January 30, 2014

February 2 – What do Zambian kids and American college boys have in common? They both love Frisbee. My popularity with the 6-15 demographic is sky high.

February 7 – I’m Tom Sawyering my front yard. As soon as I step outside with a hoe and start hacking, a dozen kids line up to show me how to do it right.

DSC03149 (1750x1163)

Kalu, Willie, and Mwape clowning around


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