We just wrapped up the December 2013 Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) in Mansa, where twenty girls in Grades 5-8 and ten female mentors from ten communities across Luapula Province met at Mansa Secondary School for a four-day camp to promote a wide variety of topics ranging from assertiveness to peer pressure to HIV/AIDS education to sewing sanitary pads.

Twenty bright-eyed Zambian girls bunked in dormitories, tie-dyed shirts, played netball, and mercilessly teased one of the only two males working with the camp. Ten bedraggled Peace Corps volunteers raced around buying groceries, calling facilitators, building bonfires, mixing cups of tea, and not bathing for an entire week. It was a huge success.

I’ll post more pictures soon, but for now I’d like to introduce you to my GLOW girls:

Funny Chola, Grade 5

Funny Chola, Grade 5 – photo credit: Ryeon

Maggie Mwenya, Grade 6

Maggie Mwenya, Grade 6 – photo credit: Ryeon

DSC02434 (1800x1196)

photo credit: Megan

Planting a tangerine seedling to teach about sustainable development

Planting a tangerine seedling to teach about sustainable development – photo credit: Emily

I want to be...

Yes, we know we are adorable – photo credit: Ryeon


11 thoughts on “Camp GLOW

  1. Matt, these are amazing pics…and what an amazing event to orchestrate! Did you do some of the face-painting?! More pics please! xoxoxox D.

    • Thanks! It’s been my pleasure to become good friends with Michael over these past few months and I’m grateful for such a great friend in province. 🙂

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