ZamTwitter, Month 7

Random news from my seventh month of Peace Corps service, in 140 characters or less.

November 11 – Was woken up at 3am by the sounds of women wailing. The funeral that started yesterday is still going strong. It’s gonna be a long day.

Another dusk descends

Another dusk descends

November 13 – Older volunteers warned me this would happen but I thought I’d be immune. I guess it was inevitable: someone in my village is using my TP.

November 16 – Just got to Mansa and ate six hot dogs for lunch. First meat in six weeks. Matt is a happy volunteer.

November 19 – Bats aren’t bugs. At Kasanka National Park, millions of bats all taking flight at the same time is a sight to behold.

Lucas with a reclining seat for the bat migration

Lucas with a reclining seat for the bat migration

November 21 – Waited for a hitch for seven hours before gratefully cramming into a pickup truck. Never again will I complain about the line at the DMV.

On our way home

On our way home

November 23 – Chased off the beach by driving rain and wind approaching hurricane speeds, tents blown into the lake, we beat a hasty retreat to the lodge.

Samfya, Luapula, November 2013

Samfya, Luapula, November 2013

November 27 – During Provs house cleaning we unearthed a tenor sax from a back closet. Has reeds but needs new pads. Nobody knows who put it there. Odd.

November 29 –
-ATM ran out of cash
-had to run after a moving bus
-radiator overheated twice
+arrived in Nshinda safely
=successful Provs travel-out day

December 3 – Adding more nails to the wire mesh on my windows because my kids like to pry and hit with sticks. My insurance needs an iwe damage clause.

December 8 –
“Do we buy live chickens or dead ones for dinner?”
“I’m not killing chickens.”
– Things actually said while planning the Camp GLOW menu.

So we got sausage. (And chicken -- dead ones.)

So we got sausage. (And chicken — dead ones.)


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