ZamTwitter, Month 6

Random news from my sixth month of Peace Corps service, in 140 characters or less.

October 12 – Spent an hour tossing cups of water at iwes through my windows. Matt thinks: This will chase them off! Kids think: This is a fun game! Sigh.

October 14 – Sebastian gave me a pineapple after I helped move fingerlings from a drying pond. Dinner tonight: tortillas, black beans, pineapple salsa.


October 17 – Got 43 cries of “Muzungu bele!” (foreigner) and 11 singsong taunts imitating Chinese on my ride to the boma today. It’s nice to be noticed.

October 19 – It’s 11pm and a crowd of people is laughing and cheering outside. No idea what’s going on. Midnight revival meeting? Impromptu comedy show?

October 21 – Killed a bat this evening inside my hut. Just another day in the life of a Peace Corps volunteer.

October 23 – The muzungu draws water from the borehole at the school for the first time, is the afternoon’s entertainment for a schoolyard full of kids.

October 24 – Nearly ran over a scorpion this morning. Biggest scorpion I’ve ever seen. Only scorpion I’ve ever seen. Biggest scorpion I’ve ever seen.


October 27 –  Chatted with Sebastian for two hours comparing American and Zambian nativism, then discussed how to cook caterpillars. Love this guy.

October 29 – First rain of the wet season!

October 30 – Second rain of the wet season!

October 31 – Third rain of the okay you get the picture. Wish they lasted longer than fifteen minutes though.

November 3 – Solar eclipses are overrated. The partial eclipse visible over central Africa today wasn’t nearly as exciting as the thunder this evening.


November 5 – First taste of summer sausage in nearly a year; grease was literally dripping from the wrapper. Going to get so sick. So worth it.

November 7 – Watched ten fish farmers argue over where to dig a pond for two hours. I guess working in groups makes things take twice as long everywhere.


November 10 – At a funeral for four hours. Some bamayos sought refuge from the rain on my porch; now have six new friends who wonder why I’m not married.


2 thoughts on “ZamTwitter, Month 6

  1. Oct 17 – Nat warned about that —- that you would be singled out not only because you are “white” but more often because you are Asian (sorry that it is happening to you).

    Oct 27 ~ Sebastian sounds like such a great guy.
    Nov 5 ~ When Steve and Jeremy picked up the summer sausage, I just smiled and knew you would love it!
    Nov 7 ~ This made me laugh. Dad will agree that everything takes longer if I’m part of the decision-making process.
    Nov 10 ~ 🙂

  2. @October 17 – Huh, I wouldn’t have thought that rural Zambians would be familiar enough with Chinese to mock it. Good to know some things are universal. 😛

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