I’ve got spirit

Spirit stoves, that is.


A spirit stove in action

Methylated spirits are a liquid typically used as a cleaning and sterilizing agent that is commonly found in tuck shops throughout rural Zambia. Think purple rubbing alcohol. They’re also highly flammable, so they make a great fuel for small-scale cooking when you don’t care to go through the process of lighting a brazier just to make your morning coffee.


Getting ready to test my first stove and windscreen/pot holder, v1.1

Spirits can be poured into just about any metal container and then lit on fire to generate heat, but the most efficient way to use spirits as fuel is to make a spirit stove. By repurposing old soda cans, tuna cans, or coffee cans, you can make a great little stove in about ten minutes that works perfectly for heating enough water to make coffee, oatmeal, or ramen.


Stove v2.1 (smaller, more efficient) with more stable windscreen/pot holder

A spirit stove with methylated spirits is lighter than a backpacking stove with Isopro canister at a fraction of the cost. Definitely going to take one of these with me on my next backcountry fishing trip in the States!


Igniting the stove by lighting the fuel on the ignition pan, which heats up the spirits inside the stove until they start steaming out the burners

And because I have a bit of an addictive personality, I couldn’t stop at just making one.


From left to right, meet Old Faithful (v1.1), Chet Morton (v2.1), and Thumper (v2.2)


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