I was going to write about the newest seasonal food group available this time of year here in Zambia, but my friend Terri already has a great post about caterpillars up on her blog. Check it out!

The Wanderer in Zambia

22 October 2013

Kayonga. Ifitobo. Utubambe. Cinamusanse. Mumpa. Cipumi. Finamuyungolo. Nalifipata.

The names spill out of Bwalya’s mouth as he ticks them off on his fingers, eyes rolled upward, trying to remember all of them and telling me, emphatically, which ones are the most delicious. He is practically drooling.

This was back in July, but now it is upon us: caterpillar season.








Not everywhere in Zambia. Mainly here in Northern Province. And especially in Mfuba. Why? Because we still have a lot of trees. For now.

For the moment, the caterpillars are everywhere. I squish them under my bike tires, though I try not to. I pluck them off the walls inside my house and toss them outside. I watch them devouring all the fresh, green leaves that have magically appeared in this hottest and driest of months.

I’ve proclaimed my yard an…

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