ZamTwitter, Month 5

Random news from my fifth month of Peace Corps service, in 140 characters or less.

September 15 – Two men came up to our group in Manda Hill, said they were Pakistani, and asked to take a picture with us. I didn’t know we were famous.

September 16 – At the PEPFAR training in Lusaka. We’re raising HIV/AIDS awareness by playing the penis game with 17 Zambian counterparts.

September 20 – I can measure my daily popularity rating by counting the kids who follow me on my walks through the village. Today was a 21-kid day.


September 23 – Putting plastic up at Emi’s site before the rains start. Hammering into a thatched roof in a mud hut is a surefire way to make it rain dust.

September 25 – Sebastian’s farm was robbed, so he’s going to a witch doctor to put a curse on the thief. The village justice system in action.

September 26 – Installed a pulley system in my bathing room so I can quickly raise and lower my solar shower. Standing to bathe is highly underrated.


September 29 – Working on my first of many VRFs (Volunteer Report Forms). Took me four hours to download and install the reporting tool. This will be fun.

October 3 – It took five volunteers three hours to knead, roll, and fry 100 tortillas. Throw in guacamole, salsa, and soya, and we’ve got dinner for 15.

October 7 – Slept until 3:45pm today and my bowels are now threatening to unleash a torrent of liquid at any moment. Yeah, I’m back at site alright.

October 8 – Second new thermos broke. Fresh from the AT workshop, tried a new tactic for getting hot water: making a spirit stove out of old coffee cans.



5 thoughts on “ZamTwitter, Month 5

  1. Matt, as usual these are great. This round was my favorite and I got a nice morning chuckle before work.

    I kind of want kids following me too. Suppose I best get moving to a new place 🙂

  2. Only Month Five?! You blog and tweet like a 2nd-year pro *tips hat* Also, gotta love those post-sleep bowel movements, also common amongst Thailand’s PCVs ><

    • Haha ironically, it’s probably exponentially harder to keep blogging consistently the longer you’ve been at site. I worry about running out of things to write about!

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