ZamTwitter, Month 4

Random news from my fourth month of Peace Corps service, in 140 characters or less.

August 12 – Watching a Jane Austen plot twist unfold is like seeing a corgi run. Ridiculously implausible, but I can’t stop grinning like a fool.

August 13 – I hail a set of headlights at 5:45am. The conductor tells me happily I’m on my own bus. I’m confused. He points to the name: Zhongtong. Oh.

August 16 – Hard to feel more American than watching Up in Zambia with 7 other volunteers, laughing and smiling and getting teary at all the same parts.

August 17 – Found out that the teenager with the horribly infected leg who I visited last week died later that day. Sometimes life feels too short.


Make a face, I said, forgetting that my kids don't know English

August 19 – Sat on the ground for two hours today watching a ceremony. Still don’t know whether it was a funeral, a wedding, or a church service.

August 21 – It was a funeral. Went to another one today. Everyone ended up staring at me instead of listening to the preacher rail against drinking.

August 24 – My well is being overdrawn so it takes twice as long to fetch water now. Third-world problems, first-world attitude.

August 27 – Balanced a lounge chair, a bookshelf, and a bucket o’ stuff on the back of my bike for 6km this morning. Becoming more Zambian by the day.


Also almost made off with a curious kitten

August 28 – Part of an 18-foot python is simmering in a stew right now. I’ll fry it tomorrow. This will go down as either an awesome or a horrible idea.

August 31 – At the house, and brought my fried snake with me. 13 other volunteers have now tasted it and it is overwhelmingly deemed to be excellent.


September 2 – Have been riding on buses for 19 of the past 21 hours. Was on a bus for the other two hours, too; it just wasn’t moving. This is Zambia.


8 thoughts on “ZamTwitter, Month 4

    • Yeah, from talking to other volunteers, the only place where snake is apparently regularly eaten is Southeast Asia! Certainly not here in sub-Saharan Africa; none of the Zambians I talked to wanted to even taste it.

      • I tried it BECAUSE nobody else would eat it. I’ve had crocodile, and a big python is basically just a crocodile without legs. :P. Plus I found out later that snakes are regularly eaten in Burma, one of the only places in the world where big pythons are consistently caught.

        To put into perspective how rare it is to see a python here, one was spotted in a tree in South Luangwa National Park, and when our group got there three other Cruisers were already camped out underneath the tree hoping to get a glimpse.

  1. Funny moments, incredibly sad moments, bonding with friends, cute faces of children…..reading these ZamTwitters are like little snapshots of your daily life. Good job balancing all those objects on your bike! The photo of the man holding the snake skin was fascinating. What will he make out of the skin?

    • Sebastian bought the entire skin for Kr10 (about $2) and might be able to make drum heads out of it. The right craftsman could also probably make shoes, purses, and/or belts.

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