On safari

I’m at South Luangwa National Park in Eastern Province right now, where I met up with Holly, Meggan, and Morgan after 22 hours of riding in buses from Nshinda to Mansa to Lusaka to Chipata. It’s been a great trip with amazing scenery, fantastic food, and hilariously irreverent friends.

A few pictures from our first day of game drives. To view the entire gallery click here.


11 thoughts on “On safari

    • Thanks! All of these were taken with the standard kit lens, so it’s a testament to how close our guide was able to get us.

      I thought the unintentional play on “God giveth and takes away” was too coincidental to ignore. “Takeaway” is takeout in British English.

    • Aw cool. Oh, I just got matched with a teacher in Arizona for the World Wise Schools correspondence program, so I’m going to start exchanging emails with her/her classes soon!

  1. This is really the opportunity of a lifetime that are you are getting to explore the African Wilderness…Its my dream to visit Africa as well before it is all over, which I am sure is very soon, given the current state of world affairs…
    I love nature and I am at my elements when I am amidst wilderness…

    Love your post and the photographs….Do visit my blog as well http://globalsafari.wordpress.com/

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