Ode to technology

Nshinda, Luapula, August 2013

It’s a typical Tuesday night

The advances of technology over the past few years offer Peace Corps volunteers unprecedented connectivity in an arena that has historically been famously disconnected. I may live in a mud hut with no electricity or running water, but I can follow the play by play of a Mariners game in real time, send emails to friends in California, New York, and Singapore, and take a picture and upload it to my blog, all using a phone bought on Ebay for $50 and powered by solar panel, operating on a cellular service that I pay for in 20-cent increments.

This ain’t your dad’s Peace Corps. A fact which my father, who wrote sappy poetry in calligraphy to my mom while he served as a volunteer in Papua New Guinea in the early 80’s, is rather fond of pointing out to me every time the topic of phones, internet, solar panels, or mp3 players comes up.

Thanks for sending the smartphone, extra battery, and Bluetooth keyboards, Dad.


2 thoughts on “Ode to technology

  1. Matt, which phone model is it that you have and what bluetooth keyboard did you end up getting? I thought about getting one, but the bluetooth requirement was v3 and up I think. I believe the phone in question had v2 bluetooth…. didn’t even know there were bluetooth versions 🙂

    Yeah it’s amazing how far technology has come. Do a simple google search with “PC + country name + blog 2013” and you get a bunch of blogs and updates. No matter what your fancy is 🙂

    • I tested the keyboards with a Samsung Galaxy running 2.3. It synced up fine even though it is not BT 3.0. So there is some backwards compatibility.

      the keyboards:
      AA battery: Etekcity Wireless Bluethooth Keyboard for Ipad

      USB-charged internal battery: SHARKK® ALUMINUM Ultra Slim Mini Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Keyboard

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