Pictures from a site visit

Last week Emi hosted the CHIP ’13 Second Site Visit at her village in Kafutuma, so I got a ride up with the Cruiser to hang out with the soon-to-be newest volunteers in Luapula Province and to eat free food. I mean, to help host.


Trainees Tom and Pete are going to be Community Health Improvement volunteers, so after their language lessons in the mornings they had various programs in the community scattered throughout the week which Emi had planned for them. Meanwhile, Eddie (RAP ’11) and I fetched water, washed dishes, and shot the breeze.


On Wednesday we had a cooking demonstration with some of the village bamayos. By cooking demonstration I mean a six-course meal which took three hours to prepare, at the end of which one of us was a tad bit grumpy because the bamayos were bossing her around and then made off with several of her bowls and utensils as soon as the meal was finished.


Before we cooked, we had to kill the rooster. And before we killed the rooster, Emi and I had to scour the village for an hour and a half looking for someone to sell us said rooster. Along the way we were taken to see a boy with a very infected leg who doesn’t have long to live (one of the uncomfortable realities of living in a poor, developing country with precious few resources in the way of health care), and shook off a very drunk headman whose heavy slur I interpreted to be a marriage proposal. I’m still not sure which of us he wanted to marry, the vivacious Asian American volunteer who has been called beautiful by Zambians up and down the district, or Emi.

We finally located a chicken and spent fifteen minutes watching a pack of kids corral the unlucky bird. The rooster gave a valiant effort, but ultimately succumbed to the force of sheer numbers on the side of its pursuers.


On Friday we left Emi’s site and headed down to camp at Ntumbacusi Falls. This was a two-part exercise designed to give the trainees a taste of Zambian public transportation (colorful and crowded, lots of singing along with Zampop) and Zambian waterfalls (beautiful and secluded, lots of singing along with Taylor Swift).


Pete and Tom were picked up on Saturday morning and taken to their individual sites, and we were joined by Caitlyn (RED ’12, who I visited when she hosted one of the RED ’13 SSVs a few weeks ago) and her friend Eva. We spent the rest of the weekend swimming and reading and relaxing, a nice way to mark the end of my Community Entry.



2 thoughts on “Pictures from a site visit

  1. This was a great blog post, Matt! I like it when you share about your experiences with other PCVs and what they are doing. Did the bamayos really make off with Emi’s dishes? It was disheartening to read about the little boy with the infected leg. It must be hard to want to help so much but not have the resources to do so.

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