ZamTwitter, Month 3

Random news from my third month at site, in 140 characters or less.

July 10 – My headman just walked through the village shouting the time of the meeting I’m holding tomorrow. Folks, that ends our evening broadcast.

July 11 – It’s 1400. Nobody has arrived for the meeting. Sebastian laughs and reminds me 1400 is 1500 in Zambia Time. We start on cue at 1517. Sigh.

July 13 – The bamayos reported a strange sight in the bush this morning: 13 kids and a muzungu, slide-stepping along the path to Iyaz and Flo Rida.


July 15 – Laundry day. Of nine shirts drying on the line, a little girl instantly noticed the one I only wear inside. I’m watched a bit too closely.

July 19 – Hobbes loves avocados. Maybe it’s just because I’ve never had one before, but I didn’t know until I came to Zambia that cats are omnivores.


July 23 – Things I’d never do in America, #27: Spot a man holding a guitar, introduce myself, and strike up an impromptu song for curious onlookers.

July 25 – I may or may not have just violated the first rule of trimming the hair on the back of your own head sans mirrors: don’t do it.

July 26 – Texted Sarah in a panic and she said no worries, we’ll fix it. Then she saw it in person and started laughing, “Good thing hair grows back.”

July 30 – “If you want to hide money from a Zambian, just put it in a book.” -A Zambian government official speaking to a workshop full of Zambians.


August 1 – World Vision fish farming workshop, Day 3. Basically a PST recap. During tea break I learned Zambians prefer Havana Cola to Tango Pineapple.

August 7 – We spent an hour trying to find a chicken to buy, 15 minutes catching it, then three hours to cook dinner. Fast food this ain’t.


At Emi's site in Kafutuma for the CHIP '13 Second Site Visit. I told everybody I met that I'm her brother.


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