Stuff Peace Corps Volunteers Like – #3

Inspired by and written in the spirit of the popular blog and book by Christian Landers, Stuff White People Like. No Peace Corps volunteers have been harmed in the making of this post.

3. Going on vacations

Never mind that being in the Peace Corps is pretty much like a two-year vacation. Peace Corps volunteers love to travel, to see new places, and most importantly, to tell you about all of the cool places they’ve visited by taking a bus/hitch/oxcart from the already cool place where they live.

This can sometimes cause you to feel disillusioned with your 9-5 office job and your 30-year fixed-rate mortgage and your 65-year-old neighbor who sprays grass clippings onto your driveway when he mows his lawn. Peace Corps volunteers don’t mean to do this on purpose. It just happens.

Whatever you do, don’t remind them that they’ll eventually have to get a real job once they get back to America, at which point they’ll be in exactly the same boat as you, minus all of the earnings you have been dutifully depositing into your Roth IRA while they traipsed around [the continent where your Peace Corps volunteer’s host country is located]. Peace Corps volunteers prefer to pretend that real life doesn’t exist.


I'm not on vacation here, I'm visiting one of my fish farmer's ponds during a brush fire. But it looks like I could be on vacation to some African savannah. So this photo is misleading. Or does it prove my point?

It is much better to make appreciative sounds as they tell you about their vacations and “like” the pictures they upload to Facebook of cute [country adjacent to your Peace Corps volunteer’s host country] children who are almost as cute as [your Peace Corps volunteer’s host country] children. They will love you for this.


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