Stuff Peace Corps Volunteers Like – #2

Inspired by and written in the spirit of the popular blog and book by Christian Landers, Stuff White People Like. No Peace Corps volunteers have been harmed in the making of this post.

2. Reading

Every Peace Corps volunteer is a pretty impressively well-read individual. But it’s not because he or she is particularly smart or anything. You know that book you keep saying you’ll read when you get the time? A Peace Corps volunteer has read it. Plus the sequel, prequel, and modern adaptation. And the dust jacket. Five times.

He or she will outwardly curse the chick lit that comprises a disproportionately large percentage of the 5GB ebook library found on another volunteer’s external hard drive. However, your Peace Corps volunteer will secretly be grateful for something, anything, to fill the void of free time previously occupied by stalking former high school crushes on Facebook and marathon-ing full seasons of Jersey Shore on Netflix.

Sometimes a Peace Corps volunteer will read a classic like Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary or Jane Austen’s Emma and feel assured that he or she is taking an active role in continuing his or her post-university personal enrichment. But this is uncommon. More often, the Peace Corps volunteer will read Emily Giffin’s Something Borrowed or Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire.


She looks calm and peaceful now, but this morning the bamayos cackled as they watched a muzungu lunge into a thicket after a streaking white cat, screaming, “Hobbes, don’t you dare kill that chicken!”


3 thoughts on “Stuff Peace Corps Volunteers Like – #2

  1. Read Flaubert’s ‘November’…was his first novel, written at age 19….amazing stuff. More pics of Hobbs please!!! xoxoxoxo

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