Stuff Peace Corps Volunteers Like – #1

Inspired by and written in the spirit of the popular blog and book by Christian Landers, Stuff White People Like. No Peace Corps volunteers have been harmed in the making of this post.

1. Taking pictures of kids/trees/sunsets

Every Peace Corps volunteer secretly thinks that the pictures he or she posts on Facebook could be in National Geographic. And every Peace Corps volunteer knows that the kids in his or her village/town/catchment area are more photogenic and better behaved than the kids anywhere else in the world.


My kids aren't well-behaved. My kids are brats.

If you “like” a Peace Corps volunteer’s pictures of grinning [your Peace Corps volunteer’s host country] children on Facebook, he or she will be pleased. If you comment on a picture of a sunset that your Peace Corps volunteer posts, perhaps something like, “OMG this is sooo gorgeous!! [your Peace Corps volunteer’s name], you are SO lucky!” you are probably good friends with your Peace Corps volunteer and understand the mechanics of proper friendship maintenance.

Peace Corps volunteers firmly believe that a picture tells a thousand words, usually because they are too busy playing with small, photogenic children to write out those thousand words.


However, many Peace Corps volunteers do make the extra effort to supplement their pictures with words. They call this form of mixed media a “blog.” Every Peace Corps volunteer who has a “blog” secretly believes that he or she could write a bestselling book about his or her Experience In The Peace Corps. Do not tell them the truth! This will only discourage them. Tell them that you love reading their blog. This will make them feel happy and validated.

If you actually do read your Peace Corps volunteer’s blog, you are probably his or her mother or girlfriend or boyfriend, or would like to be.


16 thoughts on “Stuff Peace Corps Volunteers Like – #1

  1. Matty, those kids are adorable, some of the flora you have documented has been stunning and I very much enjoy reading your blog- friend who likes to sometimes mother or sister you! Love and miss you bunches!

  2. Love reading your blog! We even looked up the orphanage you mentioned in your last post and hope to stop by when we visit next year. 🙂

  3. Matt, if you wrote a book. I’d buy it in a heart-beat. I’d even come to a book signing. It’s eye-opening for those of us on state-side, not only are we exposed to these new stories & adventures, some of us are also changing along the way too with our volunteers.

    Question about a photo, that soccer ball in the first photo, is it not inflated? It looks like there is a bunch of string holding something in a circular shape.

    • Thanks Besim!

      Nope, that is an actual football that the kids made from string and plastic bags. Guess it goes without saying that I’ve got an upcoming post about the toys kids make out of trash here.

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