A Peace Corps legacy

I’ve always thought it was cool that my dad was in the Peace Corps, but being a volunteer now myself gives me an even greater appreciation for having an RPCV father. Everything I see here sheds light on some aspect of my dad’s character and personality. Everything I do reminds me in some small way of the influence that his service has had in his life, and in mine.

Happy birthday, Pops. Thanks for being my fishing buddy, backpacking partner, role model, mentor, and friend. Your open-minded, service-oriented, can-do spirit embodies the best part of the Peace Corps and has left an indelible impression on me ever since I was a little kid running around the house wearing nothing but an authentic, ornately carved Papua New Guinean penis gourd.



5 thoughts on “A Peace Corps legacy

  1. I thank your father for bringing your great spirit to me at Foothill! You dad is a truly amazing man, raising three great men and teaching them the correct way to live and love. I truly am proud of you, Matt!!!!!

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