ZamTwitter, Month 2

Random news from my second month at site, in 140 characters or less.

June 12 – Matt vs. chicken in chimbusu, Round 2. Unauthorized movement in the demilitarized zone forced my hand, so we grudgingly agreed on a truce.

June 13 – Ran into a trio of kids intently frying a mouse in a skillet. Asked how they caught it and one showed me a crude mouse trap. Oh. Right.

June 14 – Did my business inches away from a glaring hen for the third night in a row. The truce has turned into a mutually loathing joint occupation.

June 17 – It’s like I’m back in college. My roommate steals my food, makes tons of noise while I’m trying to sleep, and sheds hair all over the place.


June 19 – Played with cute kids, met fish farmers, visited a new pond, rode back into the setting sun. Where does he think he is, in the Peace Corps?

June 21 – Note to self: don’t leave rice in the pot overnight. Swarming ants are not the most welcome sight at 6am. Picked them out and ate it anyway.

June 24 – Went to the ponds and met Sebastian who explained matter-of-factly that he had been fighting fire since dawn. Farm saved. Just another day.


June 26 – Some of my favorite kids succeeded in getting their hands on my aviators this afternoon. Meet Febe and Melody:



July 1 – Forced a persistent drunk off my porch this afternoon. What is it about cooking rice that draws the inebriated to me like moths to light?

July 5 – Visited 20 fish ponds in two hours. What this group lacks in polish it makes up for in panache: a few of the ponds measured 20×30. Inches.

July 7 – Was in a funk, found a Nike Dri-Fit Zambia jersey for $7 at the market, got happy real fast. I guess retail therapy works on two continents.

July 9 – That there on my chin is two months’ worth of growth. Ugh. Guess this is the tradeoff for a rapid metabolism and youthful Asian skin.



9 thoughts on “ZamTwitter, Month 2

  1. I love your Twitter themed posts 🙂 Were the kids going to… eat the mouse? The kids in the aviators are too cute for words.

    • Yeah, they ate it. Interestingly, Zambians don’t eat the mice/rats that run around the houses, but the children actively trap a different species of mouse that lives in the bush.

  2. Just picked up Isabella from her drama camp, so she is here with me at work. Both of us thoroughly enjoyed your thoughts on your journey so far. She particularly enjoyed your absence of facial hair. Miss you lots…

  3. Love the photos of Febe and Melody! I bet you guys get along great!

    Did the kids really eat the mouse? Yuck!

    Glad Ba Sebastian was able to put out the fire…scary!

    • Febe’s got a sassy streak. Right now we’re not speaking. Melody is a sweetheart though.

      Yeah, meat is hard to find here, and expensive when you can get it. I haven’t eaten any animal protein besides the cans of tuna I brought with me since I’ve been at site.

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