Give me American woman!

Life in the Peace Corps ain’t all cute kids and sunsets. A sample of things people have actually said to me or about me in Zambia:

“Stop making that noise. It does not sound good.”
-About my guitar playing, in English.

“Chinese! Chinese! Ching chong chyang hiyahhh!”
-Little kids, as well as some surprisingly not-so-little kids.

“Do you eat nshima?”
-Every. Single. Day.

“Why do you not eat nshima?”
-After hearing my answer. Also every. Single. Day.

“You are very fat.”
-Stated as fact, while beaming.

“Why doesn’t he ever do any work?”
-To my counterpart, Sebastian.

“Look! A white person! You you, white person!”
-Shouted all over Nchelenge District as I bike past on the tarmac.

“You are not doing it right.”
-When I do anything.

Boy A: “I think it’s a woman.”
Boy B: “No, it looks like a man.”
Boy A: “It’s a woman!”
Boy B: “It’s a man!”
Boy A: “Woman!”
Boy B: “Man!”
Boy A: “Woman!”
Matt: “Man! Man! Man! I am a man!”
-In Bemba, as I rode slowly by.

“Give me [insert your favorite of money/food/fish/bicycle/phone/American woman].”


5 thoughts on “Give me American woman!

  1. LOL’ed pretty hard at my local government office and turned some Thai gov’t official heads int he process, thanks for laugh. Also saw that your blog’s been nominated for the Blog It Home competition; congrats!

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