ZamTwitter, Month 1

Some bits of news from my first month at site that didn’t make it into other blog posts, apropos of nothing. In 140 characters or less, of course.

[I don’t have a Twitter account, but I admire the emphasis placed on brevity. If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time at all, you know that “admire” is not the same thing as “practice.”]

May 16 – Had myself a wild night scratching ten MTN cards to put talk time on my phone. It’s like lottery, except with no chance of winning anything.

May 19 – Did laundry. Vowed never to wear socks again unless absolutely necessary. Like if it’s cold, or if I’m going to see the chief.

May 21 – Had an appointment to go see the chief. He wasn’t there. Waste of good socks.

May 24 – Brought out my Martin Backpacker to play for the kids and they ran for cover. Guess it does bear a passing resemblance to an assault rifle.

May 29 – Shooed an indignant chicken and four chicks out of my chimbusu at 8 o’clock at night. She took her sweet time. I really, really had to go.

May 31 – Asked some kids how they put out fires. Watched in horror as a 6-year-old calmly stamped, barefoot, on the burning grass. No big deal.

June 2 – Witnessed an African witchcraft ceremony at dusk with chanting, a witch doctor, and something glowing red. Wasn’t freaked out at all. Nope.

June 3 – Bought two fake Nike USA soccer jerseys. The irony of repping ‘Murica with shirts bought in Zambia and made in Southeast Asia is not lost on me.

June 5 – Have worn my Patagonia down jacket for three mornings in a row. Was sweating in a t-shirt by 3pm each day. Welcome to cold season.

June 7 – Third flat tire in the past two weeks. My bike’s inner tubes have more patches than an Eagle Scout.

June 8 – Hobbes: 1, mouse: dead. Slowly. Next time I’m getting the pest guy who doesn’t torture the vermin all night and then beg loudly for my rice.


8 thoughts on “ZamTwitter, Month 1

  1. May 29 – not enough room in there for all of you?
    June 5 – sounds like summer in Berkeley
    June 8 – Good job Hobbes!

    • Nope, that chicken was mad. The possibility of me getting killed by a hen crossed my mind and I thought it’d be a rather ignominious way to die.

  2. I want to make this into a comic strip with a cartoon of what you are doing…(almost typed a fourth “.” but then remembered better – thank you!) not that all of this is very comical, but I was picturing it in my head as a cartoon.

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