Contest: name Matt’s new cat!

I’m getting a kitten today courtesy of Sarah Perry, my nearest PCV neighbor! It’s beautiful and white and soft and I’ll talk at it when I’m feeling lonely. In honor of this momentous occasion, I’d like to leave the task of naming it up to you all lovely blog readers. Think of it as Apples to Apples – the prompt is “If Matt had a cat, what would he name it?”

Leave a comment below with your best guess! I’m a fan of quirk, non sequiturs, and cute randomness. I’ll choose my favorite name within a few days and your prize will be knowing that your brainchild will be keeping me company for (hopefully) the next two years.


1. None of this “you need to know the animal before you can name it nonsense.” I’m a believer that the soul becomes the name, not vice versa. My parents named me long before I popped out, and I’m probably the Mattiest Matt you know.

2. You can submit multiple possible names. This is really just a cleverly disguised admission of a lack of imagination on my part.


20 thoughts on “Contest: name Matt’s new cat!

  1. Enjoying your news. Have to wait until your dad and mom are here because I can’t get it on my computer.

    Your parents came for Mother’s Day and I bought a cake from Costco. It was just the four of us here eating it, and Jeremy didn’t want any to take home. I was thinking of you because you’ve always loved pastry and I could always give everything to you.

    It seems like you are having a great adventure and experience. The interesting things you write would merit a book eventually.

    Take care of yourself

    Love Pau Pau

  2. Mr. Whiskers, snowball, Henry, that’s all that popped into my head at 8am on a Sunday. 🙂 pictures of said kitten are sure to be seen later?

  3. I was going to say Sierra, but Mom beat me to it. How about Mitch? Starts with M, sounds like fish, short for mischievous. Or if it’s a girl, Mishy.

  4. The new profile photo (the boy walking down the road), is that a typical road in Zambia? When you mention you are near the tarmac, does that mean a paved road? Just trying to get a sense of your new home…

    • That’s a dirt road into a dambo area (marshy valley). The tarmac is paved, but since there are relatively few paved roads in rural Zambia the majority of villages are on dirt roads like these, or smaller bush paths if they really don’t get any vehicular traffic (and most don’t).

      I’m one of the few volunteers who live directly on the tarmac, but my site is still considered rural because it takes me 3-5 hours by car to reach the provincial capital.

  5. How about Zambia…seems fitting given your location and it’s cute. Or how about Chanda (means wanderer in Bembe) or Lenshina (which means Queen in Bembe, assuming the kitty is a girl). Gotta love the internet!!

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