I heart care packages

I’m sitting in my hut right now eating Reese’s peanut butter cups. The rest of my day could have been horrible (it wasn’t) and it wouldn’t have mattered because I GOT A CARE PACKAGE. Care packages, plural, in fact. And now I’m sitting in my hut eating Reese’s peanut butter cups. Life is wonderful.

Today I received two hefty FedEx boxes crammed full of snacks from my lovely family at UC Berkeley Conference Services. They thoughtfully sent everything from Tang (drink mixes that you can add to water are worth their weight in gold here) to beef jerky to chocolate to Spam. This gives me a strong lead among my training cohort in the categories of Quickest Mail To Arrive (I think they sent it last week?!) and Largest Packages Received From Someone Not Related To You And Who Is Not Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend. It’s kind of a big deal. Thank you guys so much! I feel extremely cared for and grateful for such awesome (former) colleagues, and I can taste home in every calorie.

Family, friends, and random people who I don’t know but already like because you’re reading my blog: do you want to make someone carry a stupid grin around on his face all day? Go play with your dog. Just kidding. Send me some junk food!

If you want to do a lot of good with a little spare cash, fifty bucks is enough to either ship a box of candy to a Peace Corps trainee in Zambia or buy a heifer for a rural farmer in Mongolia. I’ll let you decide which is the more worthy* cause.

*In the interest of full disclosure, delicious food is shoved in front of me daily like I’m being fattened for Christmas dinner and I receive a walking around allowance of 18 kwacha per day which, although equal to only about $3.75 USD, can easily buy me enough sodas/candy to blow my blood glucose levels through the roof. The Mongolian farmer, meanwhile, can increase the productivity of his farm by about 400% with that new cow.


5 thoughts on “I heart care packages

  1. Yippee! The boxes arrived! Glad you are enjoying the ‘spoils’ of our efforts last week. Everyone enjoyed bringing in different things to send to you! Hope you are fully recovered and feeling like your ol’ self. We miss you and love you! Please keep a list of specific things you are craving or wanting or needing so that when we assemble the next care package we include them ok? xoxox

  2. Yay! I am glad they arrived there so quickly (Marianna and I had a interesting time filling out the FedEx shipping labels online….). Now that we know how long they take to get there, you can send it more specific requests as to what you need/want/crave, etc. Missing you lots. Glad you are feeling well enough to chow down on some chocolate. 😛

  3. Matt, you are blessed to have so many wonderful friends. That is so sweet of them to think of you way over there in Zambia. Enjoy the chocolate! 🙂

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