Reasons why Pre-Service Training is like kindergarten


-On my first day at my homestay, my father writes out a card detailing all of the family’s names, their ages, and my village. If I get lost, I am to show people the card so I can get help finding my way home.

-I dutifully recite to my parents every day where I’m going, what I’ll be doing, and when I’m going to come back.

-My classmates and I compare notes on what our moms cook for us at home. Everyone is jealous that I get a soda occasionally for lunch.

-This is nothing compared with the envy that shows when I proudly announce that I have had hot dogs one day.

-I bike to school wearing a bright red helmet visible from space (Peace Corps policy — the helmet, not the color. The color was just unfortunate).

-My dad tells me it is important to have friends, because it is a sad life without friends.

-I am not allowed to be out after dark.

-I go to sleep at around 9pm some nights. On weekends.

-Few things make me happier than drinking an ice-cold orange soda.

-The only things I talk about now are poop, food, and bugs. In that order.


18 thoughts on “Reasons why Pre-Service Training is like kindergarten

    • Yeah, an address would be kind of overkill for a house that’s not even on a road, built on property given to the family by the village headman. 🙂

  1. Oh Matt, you so cute! Just want to hug you and tell you how proud we are of our little boy! (For realz though, miss you bro.)

  2. Poop?! Well, that sort of topic of conversation should surely remind you of the ol’ gang back here at Conference Services! Did you get your packages yet? xoxoxo

    • Oh yeah, I haven’t changed one bit. 🙂

      Nothing has arrived yet but mail is slow here. My dad sent something nearly a month ago that hasn’t come yet either. I can’t wait!

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