Pictures, Month 1

We visited Lusaka today for the first time since we started training. After gorging myself on greasy American-style food and promptly making myself feel sick again (so worth it), I availed myself of a pay-to-play internet station at the post office in Manda Hill Mall (9 kwacha for an hour/30mb of data, not bad) and uploaded my first set of pictures from my camera. All of the ones I’ve posted thus far were taken with the camera on my phone, which isn’t horrible. These, however, are the handful of shots that I feel best capture my first month in Zambia.


Zambia, a set on Flickr.


12 thoughts on “Pictures, Month 1

  1. Of course, i love the shots of the fish in oxygenated bags, the fish harvests, and bikes. The kids are photogenic. The “grub” looks tasty.

  2. Love the pics, Matt! Hope you’ve tried those fried caterpillars (at least that’s what I think they are?), and hope you’re feeling better!

    • Ah, so they’re grubs now? I’m more inclined to trust what Dad says they are than rely on my own somewhat more limited entomological knowledge. 😛

      • Nope, you’ve got it right, they’re caterpillars! My host Dad says he’s going to get some for me to try soon. I’ve heard they taste like fried…chicken! Haha. More like fried nothing. I’m excited.

    • Lily! Thanks for commenting! I need to email you to get caught up on your life.

      And what little smiley face? I can’t see the same page you see from my phone, I think.

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