Pictures from Pre-Service Training


Lucas bartering for chitenges in a stall deep in Chongwe market. Where else can you buy knock-off Adidas sneakers, whole fish, lacy underwear, raw meat, cell phones, and live chickens all in the same place? In every market in Zambia, apparently.


Measuring and staking a fish pond out at our technical training site before we started digging. The sky was a deep blue, the clouds were a fluffy white, the grass was vibrant green, and the rest of my cohort were sunburnt-red.


Property lines are a bit blurry here. And by that, I mean we are literally in a family’s front yard, waiting for a session to start. It was laundry day that day.


The view from our training center. Who said Africa wasn’t beautiful? Oh, right. Nobody said that. I think I’m slowly becoming spoiled by gorgeous sunsets, starry nights, and lush greenery everywhere.


Checking out some of the ponds we’ll be managing during training. Banana trees are everywhere here!


Logan and Luke returning from the grocery store in town, successfully displaying a safety mitigation technique (discouraging would-be pickpockets) while highlighting an unfortunate downside (look like dorks).


My little sister Malenga. She’s adorbs. I had a sneaking suspicion before, but I’m now absolutely certain that if I ever have a daughter, that little monster will have me wrapped around her finger a hundred times over.


7 thoughts on “Pictures from Pre-Service Training

  1. Hi Matty! I am sick today, but when I called into the office I heard your voice on the machine! It was a nice surprise. Pictures are great, looks like they are keeping you pretty busy!. Email me an address, please. Love and miss you lots!

  2. I second Lucy, please email an address….items for you are stacking up here in the office! Miss you and love you!……….D.

    ps: have someone take a picture of you and post it=)

  3. Ditto to what Nikole and Krysta said…..I would have never figured Afica was so lush and green. Miss you mucho!!!

  4. Such great pictures! The local markets must be so interesting. Is the Chongwe Market far from your host family? Little Malenga is adorable. You can tell by the way she is smiling that she is quite fond of you. Hope you brought her and your other sibs some candy from the market! 🙂

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