So you think you’re smarter than a kindergartener: the difference between time zones

For all of my extensive schooling, 24 years of functioning as a (pretty much) normal human being in a developed society, and thousands of baseball games watched with start times of 10:00pm EST, I somehow made the jaw-droppingly ludicrous mistake of mixing up the direction that time changes, and scheduled a phone interview for 9:30am EST.

Perfect, I thought, I’ll go take a walk outside during lunch and discuss agriculture economics with a bit of forestry extension thrown in.

Then I realized in the shower last night that 9:30am EST is 6:30am PST, not 12:30pm PST. Seriously? my mind thought to itself. Seriously, my mind answered itself smugly, with a bit of scorn and not an insignificant amount of amusement.


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